Holy Cow! Hair and Body Care

   natural products assisting men and women to overcome balding and thinning hair

Comfort Cream also known as

Energy Alchemy/ 11 Second Pain Relief Miracle

A topical application made from edible herbs and essential oils

Comes in a 4 oz. cream jar or . 35 ml roll on

Simply amazing results with a very pleasant smell.

Just a deliciously warm and cooling, comforting effect.

It is not cold or hot nor does it have a medicinal smell.

This may be one of the smartest purchases you will ever make in your lifetime.

As long as the area is not broken or infected you will experience rapid and  long lasting relief.

Great results have been notice with arthritis, tendon issues, knee and hip pain.

Shingle and neuropathy discomfort find quick relief.

Muscle and joint soreness from over excretion or mild traumas seem to evaporate.

Release and ease replace sore tightness from stress and menstrual cramps vanish.

The cream or serum will also remove the itch, redness and soreness from eczema, psoriasis and hemorrhoids.

A true miraculous blessing for all who use it.

One product many uses... call if you have any questions or order now... 973-714-4204