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Holy Cow Hair Serum .35 ml roll on/one month supply


Hair serum can be use before bed and after showering in the morning.

The serum can be used twice a day AM and PM for people with little no hair.

The serum is best used just at night for people who have hair but are starting to lose it.

The aloe gel was made for day use so there is no greasy look to the hair during the day.

.35 ml roll - on will last at least one month

The serum is used instead of the night cream.

The Holy Cow Hair Care System is offered as a one year package. Your package will include a personalized hair restoration consultation, six months of supervision and an education program. The cost is $1,700.00 for the year. You will be taught how to customize and blend your own shampoo, gel, and cream. You will recieve a Holistic Educational Program to address your optimum overall wellness goals. For more details contact Margaret Gegenheimer at 973-714-4204

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