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About the product and developer

A little about the products, my family and I, and how this blessing landed in our laps

The Holy Cow Hair Care System now comes in this 3 step process for both ladies and gentlemen in a 3 month supply.

You condition at night then shampoo in the morning, and use a special aloe gel during the day.

For people who only wash their hair a few times a week, the aloe gel may be used before retiring to bed and upon waking in the morning.

The gel will leave your hair soft and manageable while providing the herbal properties that seem to be assisting many to overcome thinning and balding hair issues.

The shampoo is formulated for all hair types.

I do believe we have the only hair care product that addresses thinning and balding hair while offering a high end shampoo to protect colored treated and processed hair.

The shampoo is designed to remove any substance clogging your pores and choking your hair follicles. The bar soap works fine for men leaving the hair soft and manageable. I made a special shampoo for the ladies who color treat their hair.

My background is that of an avid researcher in natural ways to care for your body for optimum results.

My name is Margaret Gegenheimer

I have raised two young men who are now 22 and 26 and I have been married to the same man since 1987

My full time life purpose since 1987 has been research and continued education in nutrition to assist people in obtaining balance and wellness in their lives and bodies.

My husband and I bought a small farm in 2002 where we raised our family. I decided to put all of my efforts into developing products from nature to help people do just that.

In doing so I studied using food, food supplements, herbs and essential oils.

From 1992 to 2002 I ran a consulting service for people with rare and incurable diseases to find the experts having success treating their disease with cutting edge treatments.

All my research finally lead me to the MTHFR gene disorder which nearly 50 % of the population has.

Miraculously the same diet and herbs that helps most to regrow their hair also assist the alcoholic to stop drinking rather quickly and is of great benefit for those with auto immune issues to live a healthier life.

Dedication to purpose and promise.

One has to be a bit stubborn and tenacious at times.

These are the qualities I used to make these products for you.

Making them was easy compared to trying to find the best way to let you know I have them and that they do indeed work.

Fruits of integrity and good labor pays off.

I have made the same dedicated commitment for you to have the highest quality products available that will produce positive outcomes.